Notes Needed for a Great Life

Image may contain: outdoor, text and natureI’ve been watching the Country Music documentary by Ken Burns on PBS.

Whether you like country music or not, it’s amazing. The stories told. The lives lived. The decisions made. The guts. The glory. The tragedies.

Many of the legends came from rough starts. They grew up in poverty. They didn’t have the parental support that others have. They were primary breadwinners for their families. Before they were 15 years old.

Some had singing and songwriting talent that seemed to come straight from God. Some did not think they were talented but they all pressed on. Some are still kicking today living the life others dream about. Some are not.

In every story, they all came to a fork in the road and had to decide which tine to take.

Every one of us makes tons of decisions every day. Take teachers for example. The average teacher makes 1,500 decisions a day. Can I go to the bathroom? Can I sharpen my pencil? Who will be line leader? Times 25.

For big decisions, it can seem paralyzing. What if you make the wrong one?

If you listen. I mean r

eally listen and trust your inner voice, and we all have one, you will know. It may not be the decision you want to make. It may be the harder road. It could be fraught with potholes and brambles tearing at you. But the payoff at the end of that road will be worth it.

The key is to stay on the path toward the clearing.

A lot of times, we start on the path only to get discouraged and turn back. Or try to find a shortcut. It doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to be patient and keep moving forward. Not easy some days.

And if you take the wrong path? Your inner voice will tell you that too. Then, and only then, should you turn around. Go back to where you were and take the right path.

The key? Trusting yourself and following your gut.

And the key to trusting yourself is loving yourself.

I’m only 2/3 of the way through the documentary but I’ve learned a lot about working hard, resilience, forgiveness, and being brave. These folks had it. So do you.

Sounds like the makings of a good country song.