Why You Should Do What You Don’t Want To Do

Image may contain: textSomedays, even on vacation, you get some un-fun things to do.

Here’s today’s list:
1. Call the mortgage company about insurance
2. Call the insurance company about a claim they have not addressed in almost 6 weeks
3. Follow up on a package that I paid for next day delivery that still has not been delivered.
4. Pay bills.

Not very vacationy. And in the grand scheme of things little problems. But it is what it is. Necessary.

Sometimes sitting in the worry feels easier than taking the bull by the….horns and dealing with it head-on.

I’ve been guilty of that. Something unpleasant comes up. You think about 14 different scenarios that could happen. You ruminate on the worst and scare yourself into not handling it at all.

The unpleasant that you know is less scary than the confrontation you imagine.

But tearing the Band-Aid off. The pain that comes with that frees you. It gives you more certainty. It gives you resolution. The ripping off is you facing the fear and telling it to back the Hell off.

We worry so much about the process that we fail to see the end game.

But worry is insidious. It robs us of peace without changing the outcome of anything.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Maybe it’s the lack of trust we have in ourselves to handle big things. Maybe it’s that we could potentially be wrong. Or that we may say or do something to make it worse.

But you know what? Most of that will probably not happen. And if it does? So what? You have taken a step toward resolving whatever issue it is. Celebrate that.

Have that meeting with your boss or colleague. Call that family member or friend you have had issues with. Take a look at your finances. Make a plan to take care of whatever it is that scares you right now.

The discomfort and fear you feel are completely and totally natural. What is not natural is torturing yourself with it when you can take steps to make it go away. Trust yourself. Love yourself enough to take action. Go ahead. Rip the Band-Aid off and risk the exposure. It is so worth it.