Be The Good

Image may contain: outdoor, possible text that says 'Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes เn the goodness in people. Roy T. Bennett'It was so weird.

The sun was shining. I was in shorts and flip flops. Yesterday was beautiful.We went for a walk in the neighborhood, and then around the front nine of the golf course near our house. Saw a skateboarder, two runners, some landscapers and people working on their house.

All from 6 or more feet away.

I get it. We are following the guidelines because we know it’s what the medical experts tell us to do. It’s our best chance of helping people stay safe and healthy. Including us.

But it stinks.

I’m a hugger and a hand shaker. I love physical contact and the warmth it brings to any relationship.

But for now, it’s not what is needed for the greater good. And we all have to put the greater good first.

There is hope though. Lots of it!

If we do what we are asked, we may be able to get back to our lives a little sooner than originally planned. We may be able to learn some things about ourselves and our neighbors. We will find new and maybe even better ways of doing things that will help our communities and our planet.

And we will save lives.

I’m lucky that I live in a home that I love with a person that I love. I’m blessed that we both have jobs that are stable, meaningful and are not going anywhere.

We have a yard where we can build a garden, read a book, throw a ball to our dogs and play games.

But even with all that, sometimes the sadness hits like a wave, threatening to knock me over and pin me down.

And I fully realize that I’m one of the lucky ones.

There are a lot of people who don’t have anywhere near what I have. And yet, they are grinding out life under pretty bad conditions. Loneliness. Food and shelter insecurity. Financial distress.

So as I go on my walks, or to get the necessities of life at the store, I will try to remember that. I will remember the ladies in the neighborhood who may not have somebody to give them hug and tell them that everything will be all right. I’ll remember the moms who just need a minute of alone time. I’ll remember all of the people who we didn’t realize are as essential as they are. I’ll remember my students and their families.

And I’ll take action. I’ll make that call. I’ll help with food distribution. I’ll ask if you need anything. I’ll check in on people.

I’ll smile and I will try to be the person who makes someone feel loved. Because we all need to know we matter. And when the time comes that we can hug again, I’ll be the first one in line to do it. I hope you are ready!