4 Ingredients to Achieving Your Goals

A quick update from my ventures out of my comfort zone.

Last evening I took a spin class for the second time in my life.  The first was about a year ago.  As evidenced from this post, I did not die.  It, in fact, was a huge success and I am going to build it into my schedule each week.

When we do things that are a little scary or may seem uncomfortable, it’s a sign that we are growing.  While taking a class at a gym is a small change in routine, it has the possibility of helping me reach one of my goals.

Here’s why I think I was able to successfully get out of my comfort zone:

  1. The Mentor/Instructor–I had a great instructor who  set us up for success at the beginning by helping newbies like me get the bike set up correctly.  He gave clear instructions on how to do the activities throughout the session.  He also pushed us while encouraging us.  It truly is a gift.
  2. The Community–There was a diverse group of people there who all shared the same goal; to get a good workout and not die in the process.  I could watch others and follow their pace.
  3. The Celebrations–Whenever we finished a pretty strenuous section, people whooped it up.  The celebrations gave us a little lift to push harder and move forward.
  4. Accountability–I told people what I was going to do and when I was going to do it.  I knew that if I did that, there was no backing out.

What I did was nothing earth shattering but it did fill me with confidence and gave me renewed energy.  The common thread through what made this a success was the reliance on other people.  Strangers and friends all had a part in my successfully getting out of my comfort zone.

If you have a goal that seems elusive, take the elements above and build them into your it.  Including others will make it that much easier to reach your goals and will give you people to celebrate with.  And isn’t sharing the good stuff an awesome Happy Fix?