7 Lessons From the Road

Image result for journey quotesI’ve been off for a couple of days on, well, a journey.
The physical journey was to celebrate my nephew’s graduation in Pennsylvania. It was filled with family, laughter, swimming and lots and lots of love.
To get there, my parents and I drove 9+ hours each way. We took different paths to and from the gathering. Backroads, express lanes, highways, bridges.
Some of the roads we took were fast. Some were loaded with traffic. Some had potholes. Some were incredibly smooth.
In both directions, we tried to take the roads that would take us to our destination the fastest. We hit potholes and road heaves that showed up without warning. In some areas, there were slowdowns for absolutely no reason. There were missed turns and detours.
And pit stops. Let us not forget the pit stops.
We are always taught to concentrate as much on the journey and the lessons as the destination. Here are the lessons I got out of this weekend:
1, There are so many different ways to get to our destination. It all depends on you and what you need. Scenic? Efficient? Fast? You get to decide.
2. There will be potholes and unexpected things in the road. Sometimes you can avoid them. Sometimes you hit them straight on, but in all cases, you have to keep moving forward.
3, There are toll booths. Payments required to get what you need. You can avoid the tolls but you have to decide whether it’s worth it or not.
4. Take pit stops when you need it. You may be able to make it to the destination without them, but you will be super uncomfortable, and honestly, the stops you make may not add much time to your journey.
5. Pick good traveling companions. The better your companions are, the more enjoyable the journey.
6. Make sure the destination is worthy of your time and effort. In my case, it was 100%. Reconnecting with family is always worth it for me.
7. If you get a little lost along the way, don’t panic. Pull over. Take a minute. Consult your GPS (perhaps your intuition) or your map and figure out your navigation from a place of calm and peace.
There is something to be learned from every journey if our minds are open and we embrace the experience. While reaching our destination is the goal, the process of getting there can be just as wonderful. Here’s to learning from and enjoying the journey.