A Decade of Adventure

I turned 50 last week.  There were celebrations with my husband and my colleagues at school.  There were well wishes from family and friends.  It was a fantastic week.

Yesterday, when I got home from the gym I had a super special piece of mail.  It was an invitation from a funeral home for a complimentary meal.  In exchange for the complimentary meal, participants agree to listen to a seminar on pre-planning their funeral.

While I understand the marketing aspect of it, I was taken aback.  Dying is not on my radar.  I know it can happen at anytime.  I have a will in place and my wishes have been discussed with my loved ones.  At 50, I still feel pretty fit and am excited about the 50 years I’ve got in front of me.

My last 50 years have been filled with a ton of milestones.  I finished college.  I got married to the man of my dreams.  I had two sons who have turned into amazing young men.  Sure, we’ve had our challenges but nothing insurmountable.

I have dubbed my 50’s as the decade of adventure.   I have goals and dreams that are totally attainable.  I am in good health and have tons and tons of supportive friends and family members around me.  My children are grown and are working toward their dreams.  The key for me is to stay focused and not settle for less than what I want.  That means pushing myself mentally, physically, spiritually and vocationally.

Any decade in life can be your decade of adventure.  One of the things I love to think about are the infinite possibilities that are out there.  You want to learn how to play guitar?  Do it.  You want to learn how to paint?  You can do that too.  You have the ability to do anything your imagination can conceive.  The only thing you need is a plan and the desire to take action on it.  That’s it.  You don’t need gobs of cash or special talents.  All you need is you and a  plan for living.

While I appreciate planning as an important tool for life.  I’m not quite ready to create a plan for my death, even if there is a free meal involved.  For me, I’ll throw on a can of soup and plot my next adventure.  It will involve things I’m passionate about that make the world a better place.  Stay tuned.  I’ve got big plans and you are all part of it!