Click here for more info on Stacy Menzies, Chief Happbassador & Founder of Happy FixCongratulations on taking steps toward a happier life!

And thanks for your interest in Happy Fix®, born of a desire to make the world a better place, simple and true. Several years ago, I realized that not everybody had the same life I did — some had more, some had less. Some were happy and some not so much. Some made treasure out of trash, while others just shrugged their shoulders and stayed put in the depths of despair.

It became clear that the happiest people were the ones making a conscious decision to engage in positive behavior that leads to happiness, regardless of circumstance. This spurred an interest to research what these behaviors were, and how any individual — even me — could implement them into our own daily routines. Finally, I had stumbled upon what I wanted to be when I grew up: Chief Happbassador of Happy Fix. My mission? To provide you with what you need to create your happiest life at work and at home.

Why do I care? Because this world is a much better place when we are happy and can connect with others to help them be happy too. Thus, I’ve built Happy Fix as a resource, full of scientifically backed programs, inspiration, information, and support that is to be consumed and shared, creating a community of people who understand the importance of being positive and creating the best life we can because it is in that creation that we improve our lives and the lives around us.

Together we can create a movement that truly moves us and our communities forward. Let’s work together to make this happen and share our happiness with everyone! If you have questions about us, our company, or just want to connect and share your own stories about how you approach challenges to get your Happy Fix, feel free to email me at

Thanks again for your interest in Happy Fix®, giving you the tools to live a happier life.


Stacy Menzies, Chief Happbassador
Happy Fix, Inc.
Apex, NC USA

Stacy Menzies Chief Happbassador Happy Fix
Stacy Menzies, Chief Happbassador & Founder of Happy Fix

Entrepreneur. Educator. Mentor.

Stacy Menzies is an innovative educator with an entrepreneurial mindset, driven to promote individual growth and success in others. She is known for inspiring and empowering people, connecting with them emotionally while teaching critical thinking techniques. Stacy created Happy Fix® to give you the tools to live your happiest life by identifying and changing negative behaviors and exploring new ones to bring yourself happiness.

Stacy holds a B.A. in Communication; a Master in Library Science degree; and is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s “The Science of Happiness” course on the ground-breaking science of positive psychology, exploring the roots of a happy and meaningful life and practical strategies for tapping into and nurturing one’s own happiness.

Happy FixAn active blogger on, Stacy has been showcased in media outlets including Today’s Leading Women, Startup TechWire, The Stir Crazy Mom’s Guide, and Carolina Parent among others and is an engaging public speaker.

Stacy combines everything she’s learned over her extensive education and career working in sales, education, lobbying, and training with individuals and groups through Happy Fix programming 180 Days to Happiness™, Building an Attitude of Gratitude™, Creating Miracles with Your Mindset™, Take this Job and Love It!™, Restoring Resilience™, and Happy Fix Toolkit™.

To contact Stacy, email her at