Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

Image may contain: textI’ve always been in awe and admiration of people who handle life with calmness and peace. Nothing flusters them.
I worked with a teacher in an inner-city high school who, regardless of what the kids threw at her (metaphorically, not physically) she handled with dignity and respect.She never lost sight of the fact that they needed her calmness. Some had lives at home that were uncertain; food, shelter, and reactions from the people they lived with to events in their lives. Through it all Paula remained steady and constant, never raising her voice in the four years I worked with her.

And they learned. She did what she needed to do to get them where they needed to be.

She was, and possibly, still is a teacher who not only taught her students but taught her colleagues. Without knowing it, she taught a Master Class in Peace and Calm.

I don’t know where it came from. I knew she was married with adult children. She was active in her church. But beyond that, I didn’t know much about her personal life.

All I know is that I still want to be like Paula.

Peace, especially in times like we are currently living in can seem so elusive. A treasure that remains buried under layers of dirt and rock. We dig and dig and dig but some days, we just can’t access it.

But now, friends, is when we need to dig a little deeper and maybe even bring out that backhoe we all keep in our now tidy garage.

I sat down a couple of days ago and realized that part of the reason that peace was not finding me was because, being as valuable as it is, sometimes you need to search for it. It requires looking inward and that can be hard. Really hard.

For me, I realized (again) that I was spending too much time online doing things that did not nourish my inner peace. Strangely enough (emphasize sarcasm) I was spending an inordinate amount of time reading news reports that were and are playing to our fears.

Please understand that I know that this is a serious matter. I’ve got two kids in harm’s way. A friend living in the epicenter of the pandemic. A sister in law, a cousin, and a friend, who is more like a brother working in hospitals and the medical field. I get it. It’s bad. And we are following the rules and taking it seriously.

But honestly, aside from doing what we are currently doing and following guidelines, I have no control over this situation.
All the news reports and expert opinions do is raise my anxiety level as I’m sure they do yours.

So I’ve given myself permission not to participate. I’m not checking news sites. I’ve turned off the alerts on my phone. I’m not letting my peace be interrupted for breaking news that’s not actually breaking news.

I’ve focused on documentaries and comedies as my television of choice. I’ll either learn something or get a laugh out of it.

I’ve started doing yoga and some meditation and prayer in the morning. That start to my day has brought me a lot of peace. Starting my day in quiet and moving my body just makes me feel good.

I’m spending most of the rest of the day working on a project for Happy Fix. One is a small one I hope to have done by the weekend. The other is a bigger one that should be done by the end of the summer.

All of this is helping me create the peace that has been missing for a while. And it feels good. It feels right. It feels like it’s supposed to be.

For a long time, I lived by the mantra “It is what it is.” Not right. Not wrong. Just is. I’m not sure what life should or will be. Not now. Not in the future. But I know that if I can keep peace within myself, maybe I’ll reach that goal to be more like Paula. Peace to all of you my friends.