Being Who You Were Created to Be

St. Catherine of Siena on Calling - YouTubeI had an aha moment today. As I was getting ready to do a quick yoga sesh this morning, I realized that I didn’t have to change out of my pj’s for it. They were comfy and isn’t that the point of yoga? To feel good in your own skin and, I guess, with your outer layer as well?

This particular yoga is on YouTube so the only entities who could see what I wore were my dogs. And they eat garbage so their judgment doesn’t bother me. Not too much.  All I needed to do while participating was to be me.

It’s a small thing for sure but it was coupled with yoga last night which focused on growing your light and this morning’s theme which was to awaken what is dormant inside of you.

It struck me that one of the abundances we currently have is unfilled time. Things that used to fill it are no longer concerns. I work but I don’t have a commute. I don’t fill my days with the busyness of window shopping. Heck, right now I don’t even go to the beach that I love so much.

So while the same 24 hours is available to me every single day, there seem to be more lines in the calendar that go unfilled.

The aha was small. But it lead me to think about how much I do in the pursuit of trying to look good and with concern for what others think even though it may be diametrically opposed to who I want to be.

If I’m going to figure this out, I have to ask myself some questions. Which fires do I want to stoke? What needs to be shaken awake inside so I can be the me I was created to be? How do you do it? And what in God’s name does it look like?

Just who is this me?

What is already working? Where do I feel comfortable? What brings joy and how can I share that with others?

I’ve got some of it figured out. I know what things bring me joy. My vocation, writing, relationships, and home are all sources of joy. Working in service to others although not in martyr-y way. Laughter. God, I love to laugh and make others happy.

So in my Zoom yoga last night, the question was asked (with absolutely no judgment) will you grow your own fire or will you share it? Sometimes we have to awaken that fire within us and tend to it SO that we can grow to give to others.

How will you do it? You’ve got time so take it for you today. Get comfortable. Be mindful. Be still. Be quiet. Allow yourself some space to awaken your own needs. Stoke the embers and let that fire grow so you can light other fires around you.  Be who you were created to be and let’s set this world on fire together!