Change What You Can, Let Go of What You Can’t

Stacy Menzies Happy FixNot gonna lie. It’s been a rough week at school. We’ve gone 11 weeks without a break and we still have 3 to go. The kids are tired. They are dealing with issues that most adults don’ t have to. Homelessness, poverty, hunger and violence in their neighborhoods are only a few of them.

When you see elementary school children shouldering more than what most adults have to, it’s easy to get discouraged. There are days when you wonder what you are doing and will you make a difference.

In any profession or just in life in general, it’s easy to get wrapped up in those frustrations. Why am I doing this? What impact am I having? Will things ever change?

I’m going to propose something radical. Let it go. Like the 70’s poster with the serenity prayer says, let go of the things you cannot change.

Easier said than done. I find myself throughout the course of the day sad, frustrated and, honestly, angry about the situation my kids are in and my inability to make it better.

But then I have to stop and think. While I may not be able to solve the issues of violence, poverty, and homelessness some of them face, I can make a difference in their confidence. I can make a difference by providing a safe space for them to come every day and learn. I can make a difference in building a nurturing relationship with them. I can make a difference in helping give them the structure they need to be able to reach their fullest potential. I can help by providing them with coping tools and the education they need to get through each day.

Today is a good day to make a list. Two columns. One–Things I can change. Two–Things I can’t. If an item is in the “can’t change column” let it go. If it’s in the “can change” column, take some small action and make that change.

By letting go of the things you cannot change, you remove the barriers that keep you from changing the things you can. It’s okay to let go. Give yourself permission. And if the spirit moves, share what you want to let go or what you want to work on. We will be here to support you! #HappyFix #SelfCare