At Happy Fix we are building a network of self-care and health and wellness professionals dedicated to helping individuals live in health and wholeness. Plans are underway to build resources leveraging the wealth of talent and experience of people just like you. As one of our “Helpbassadors” you will be able to connect with people who need your expertise, products, and services, as well as expand your network of like-minded professionals.

As a Helpbassador, you will have the opportunity to be part of:

  • Online self-care/health and wellness directory
  • Guest blogging
  • Special events like webinars, podcasts, public seminars
  • Selling products on the Happy Fix online store
  • Happy Fix instructional programming
  • Guest articles in Your Happy Fix newsletter
  • Branding and publicity via social media and marketing programs

Interested in learning more? Please contact Stacy Menzies at today!