Create the World You Want to Live In

Image may contain: textI was cruising the Interweb this morning when I came across a post from someone on Instagram and Facebook who has a pretty large and loyal following. She also does a ton of work for causes she believes in.
In the post, she referenced a fictional tv-series and talked about how women in this country have been talking about the idea that this fictional society could be our future. Her feeling was that it is our reality and that we represent one of the characters who, at least for me, doesn’t elicit a ton of sympathy. She is however pretty complex.
I’m not writing in agreement or disagreement with her post. I respect the author as somebody who walks the walk.
But as I was scrolling through the comments, I saw that over a thousand people were in agreement with her. There were a lot of emoji’s and mic drops as well as mind blown comments. The agreement was effusive and there was not a dissenter in the bunch.
As I thought about it, I wondered how many of these people have, do, or will go out and do something to make a difference in what they see as an obvious problem in our society? And I’m not talking about Tweet Storms or being a keyboard warrior. I’m talking about choosing one area where you could make a difference and doing that.
Our society has changed. We don’t talk to each other. We text. We don’t visit as much as we used to. We don’t get involved in our communities. We spend an inordinate amount of time in front of screens.
I’m extraordinarily fortunate. Because of the nature of my job, I’m able to be the change I want to see every day I go into work. But it wasn’t always that way. Sometimes I had to look for opportunities.
When I was in college, I tutored at a juvenile detention center. When I was out of college and living near DC, I read to kiddos in a homeless shelter while their parents worked on job skills and resume building.
There are opportunities everywhere to be the change. You just have to take action. You just have to decide what change you want and do the thing, anything, that will help bring it about.
The action that is so needed has been replaced, in part, by slacktivism. It’s not the same. Putting words out in the Tweetsphere or on other social media platforms doesn’t get anything done. In fact, most of the time, it causes more issues that prevent us from being able to make necessary progress that is needed to solve the problem in front of us.
Today, I challenge you to think about the causes near to you. Where do you see an unfulfilled need? Where can you bring comfort? What can you do to bring comfort and care to others?
One of the many things that bring us joy is helping others without the expectation of remuneration. You know. Old fashioned volunteer work. Today, find an opportunity and give yourself a Happy Fix. Be the change you wish to see in the world. #HappyFix #SelfCare.