Disbanding the Committee of Doom

Image result for tell the negative committeeAnybody who knows me, knows I hate meetings that have no point and where nothing gets accomplished.
You know, most meetings.
Frequently, we all have these meetings in our heads. They are meetings of people we have met throughout our lives. People who have told us stories about ourselves that get repeated over and over and over.
You’re not good enough. You look terrible. You need to put that dream to the side because it ain’t ever gonna happen. You don’t have what it takes to reach your goals. You will always be in a state of financial instability.
Messages from family members or “friends.” Old bosses and co-workers. Teachers. The news. Maybe even comments from people on social media.
And who’s chairing the meetings?
It’s you. You are the chair.
You are the one who sets the agenda. You are the one who sets the norms for behavior. You are the one who decides who gets to speak.
But, you are also the one who gets to decide to end the meeting before it becomes counterproductive or worse yet, paralyzing.
How many times do we have these “Head Meetings?” How often do we let the “Committee of Doom” use our beautiful conference room to spread their lies and do the damage they do? How many times do we let our past run the agenda for our future?
If it’s more than once, it’s too often.
You have way too much to do to be who you want to be if you are paying any attention to these meetings.
Stop. Disband the committee. Tell them their work is done and you are moving in a different direction.
And put a “Meeting Canceled” sign on the door. You will be too busy forming a new committee. One that speaks truth.
You are enough. You are beautiful. You are right where you need to be. You are pursuing and reaching your goals. You are setting the example for everyone around you. You have faced your challenges and have overcome them. You are resilient. You are amazing.
And you are chairing a new, productive committee that will bring you into an amazing future. The Committee of You. #HappyFix #SelfCare.