Do You Know Your Value?

Image may contain: textToday marks the last day of the first full week of school.

We didn’t lose a kid. Nor did we lose a teacher. Victory is ours!

The first couple of weeks after summer break are always hard. I work in a year-round school so my summer breaks are shorter than my colleagues but, regardless, the beginning of the school year is still challenging.

Not going to lie. I’ve been exhausted. Up at five. Thirty-five-minute commute. Lesson planning. Hugging my littles and sometimes my bigs. Teaching. Administrative tasks. Home anywhere from 4:00 to 6:00.

I’m not complaining at all. I love what I do, who I do it for and who I do it with.

But the schedule has not left a lot of time or energy for the things I know are good for me. Exercise. Proper nutrition. Time to read or think.

Sometimes we get caught in a vicious circle. We don’t have the energy to do the things we know will increase our energy.

In years past, I would have spent the limited resources I have berating myself for not doing the things I should. For falling asleep on the couch at seven instead of going to the gym or reading.

This year? I made a conscious decision to give myself the grace I would give everyone else.

Because my year is so cyclical, I knew that I would ease out of it. I knew that I would eventually get back to the gym. I would plan good nutritious meals. My energy would slowly seep back into this tired body. I could wait.

I was patient. And I was right.

My husband and I started by sitting down on Sunday with a meal plan and a to-do list that made getting things done less nebulous and more doable. Did we hit the mark every day? No, but we hit it most days.

I did go back to the gym. Not the super-strenuous classes my body will eventually need. But the yoga it needs now. Exercise for my body and my mind.

The last two nights, I’ve been up all the way until 10. I may have dozed here and there but my energy is definitely coming back as I’ve fed my body and mind what they need to operate properly

I’m on my way back.

It is so counterproductive to make yourself feel bad when you are already feeling bad. You cannot dig yourself out of a hole. You can build a dirt ramp or footholds. You can ask for assistance. But the more you dig, the more you pick at yourself, the less likely you are to get out.

You are valuable because you exist. Start from that truth.

Give yourself that grace. And if you are not where you want to be, create a plan, take baby steps and move forward. You deserve it because you are. And that’s all you need to be.