Don’t Give Up Without Trying Again

Stacy Menzies Happy FixLast year, after moving to our new home, we decided to plant a garden. Tomatoes, cukes, peppers, basil, peas, squash. It was all going to grow in abundance. I was going to be able to eat off the land for the winter. 

Not at all how it went. The tomatoes grew and attracted freak bugs. The squash flowered but never grew…squash.

The pea vines grew for a bit but then dried up and died.

I felt like we tried everything. I searched the Internet for non-toxic solutions. We watered on a schedule. We tried adding to the soil. Nothing worked. Then we got hit with a hurricane.

I gave up. I was tired of trying to find a solution to a problem I didn’t want to have. I was trying to do something good. Grow a garden. Can you get gooder than a garden?

I spent the winter going out and looking at what now was a rectangle surrounded by a small fence, overgrown with weeds. And the choice was this–do you let the weeds take over and do nothing or do you give it another shot?

Life is like that sometimes. You do everything, and I mean everything right. You are giving a situation your absolute best shot. You are honest. You work hard. You are diligent. But we all think about giving up on things that matter when the weeds feel like they are taking over.

My advice to you? Don’t. Maybe you need to look at something differently. Maybe you need to ask for help. Maybe you need an expert or at the very least more information. Maybe you just need to yank those weeds out by the roots and start over. As I’ve said before–Don’t quit before the miracle.

Yesterday, Dave and I spent the day clearing out weeds and looking at what kind of things will grow. We will try different methods, add a little fertilizer, and maybe not try to throw as many plants into the garden this year, giving what’s there the attention, nutrition, and room to grow that it needs to bear fruit (and vegetables  ).

I have hope that this year, we will be able to enjoy the garden and learn from last year. That’s the beauty of a garden. You get a do-over every year. But really, you can pretty much have a do-over anytime you want to. You just have to decide to do it. Us? We’re going to take this opportunity to grow something beautiful! #HappyFix #SelfCare