Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy? or Communication-A Love Story

Image may contain: textThe best piece of advice my husband and I got when we got married was from both his mom (who was divorced) and from my parents (currently married 53 years and counting). That advice was simple, yet on some days deceptively hard.
You talk. Somebody else listens. Then they talk and you listen.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?
Turns out that wasn’t the kind of communication they were talking about.
They were talking about the kind of communication that requires you to take risks and be vulnerable to the person you love most. To expose your fears and those things you may not be proud of but you trust that that person will love you through it.
We took that advice to heart and communicate regularly. If one of us feels that we are not connecting as we should, we sit down and talk about it. And talk about it. And talk about it. Until we are where we want to be. Together. On the sam
e page.
Communication is a required component in all authentic relationships. Family, friends, colleagues at work.
But what happens when that breaks down? When you don’t have the trust you need to make yourself vulnerable when you perceive a problem in a relationship? Maybe you’ve grown apart or you’ve (or the other person) has been hurt and you are 
not quite sure how it can be repaired.
First, assess the relationship. Is it benefiting you? Do you miss it? Are they somebody you want in your and by extension, your families life? Somebody who brings you joy? Are they the somebody you want to call when something good or bad ha
If the answer is no, maybe you are better off turning your energy elsewhere and spending that precious commodity on people who already fill you with joy.
If the answer is yes, the key to solving a communication breakdown is, well, communication. Face to face is best but if that’s not possible, pick up the phone, you know, the one that is always at arm’s length, and call them. Put your fear to the side and be honest about how you feel.
If you can’t fix it, you are no worse off than you were before. And if it goes well, you may be able to salvage something important to you.
Effective communication is important in everything we do. It’s how we connect with others. It’s how we get our ideas across. It doesn’t mean that we will always agree with each other. But we listen and attempt to understand.
It means that we listen as much as we speak. We are willing to take chances with those people in our lives who have earned it. We are there to listen to those we love, give them advice when it’s warranted and keep quiet when it’s not.
Communication is a vital part of every relationship. Just like oxygen. So breathe deep my friends and always keep those lines open for those amazing people in your life. The life of your relationship depends on it. #HappyFix #SelfCare