Enough is Enough

Image may contain: textAs I was cruising through Facebook yesterday, I came across a post from a fellow military mom. She asked if anyone lived near Camp Lejune and had toilet paper. Her marine son and their families were down to their last roll and couldn’t find it anywhere. By the time I got to the post, others had offered to help. I added my name to the list. If you can’t help out a Marine with the basics, who can you help?

Earlier in the day, I had come across this poem written by Kurt Vonnegut upon the death of his fellow writer Joseph Heller:


True story, Word of Honor:
Joseph Heller, an important and funny writer,
now dead,
and I were at a party given by a billionaire
on Shelter Island.
I said, “Joe, how does it make you feel
to know that our host only yesterday
may have made more money
than your novel ‘Catch-22’
has earned in its entire history?”
And Joe said, “I’ve got something he can never have.”
And I said, “What on earth could that be, Joe?”
And Joe said, “The knowledge that I’ve got enough.”
Not bad! Rest in peace!

We are all embroiled in this feeling of lack. Lack of connection. Lack of purpose. Lack of necessities of life. And yes, lack of toilet paper.

I completely understand it for some (not that it’s anybody’s job to convince me). Lack of childcare while you go to a stressful and, sometimes tenuous job. Lack of health insurance. Food and shelter insecurities. All real. All scary.

Something we can all work on this weekend is taking a look at what we have and appreciating it. Including ourselves. We are doing enough for our loved ones. We are doing enough for ourselves. WE ARE ENOUGH. It’s time to put down the boxing gloves we use on ourselves and take time to take a deep look into who we are and what we have.

Once you have taken a good, hard, realistic look at what you have, if you find you have a feast, maybe you can share some of it with others in need. A monetary donation. Food or toiletries to a food pantry. Your talents. Your time. I promise it will make you feel like you are part of the solution to a very complex problem.

I am a capitalist and I think it’s great that people can create wealth for themselves and others. But I often find myself wondering, “How much is enough?” At what point do you stop chasing money and sit down to enjoy what you can do with it?

This is an opportunity for all of us.

My wish for all of you is to know first, you are enough. And second, if we look at it logically, most of us have enough. Maybe even more than enough. Don’t let fear or feelings of lack steal that from you. #HappyFix #SelfCAre