Evaluate Yourself

Image may contain: text that says 'Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. curiano.com'Today, at work, is my summative evaluation. It is what it sounds like it is; a summary of my work over the course of this year, what I did well and what I still need to work on.

I don’t mind my evaluation. But truth be told, I know how I did this year. I know that I knocked it out of the park in some areas and fell short in others. And while the affirmation is nice, my guess is that I already know how I will be rated this year and that my life will go forward tomorrow.

The thing about evaluations, whether professional or personal, is that they are done by outside entities. They are based on the needs of an outside group or the needs or an organization. Those needs may or may not be in alignment with your own needs.

Your worth, in these evaluations, is judged by how well you serve others.

I get it in a job. You get paid and the organization needs to know they are getting their money’s worth.

What I don’t get is allowing the evaluation of others to impact how we do things in our personal lives.

We all do it. If we do this, what will our colleagues/neighbors/family/friends think? How will they look at us? Will we be meeting their expectations of us?

Who cares?

Many are paralyzed from achieving their goals or purpose because they care so deeply how others evaluate them. What if you didn’t? What if you just didn’t care what everybody thought? What could you do then?

I’m not suggesting you don’t get advice about or help with things when you need it from trusted sources. What I am suggesting is to stop worrying about what people think who don’t know you intimately or who do not have your best interests at heart.

Many people who evaluate others, bosses included, don’t know you on that personal level. I’m am lucky to have administrators who are open to discussion on my evaluation. They are not always aware of some of the things I do but when I present them with evidence, they reflect that in my evaluation. Trust is a crucial part of our relationship.

The most important evaluation you can have is self-evaluation. At the end of the day, your opinion is truly the only one that matters. Sit down. Grab a beverage and make a list. What are the things that are important to you to achieve? What is your plan to get there? How are you doing following that path? Do you need a change of course or direction? What resources do you need to achieve your goals?

Do you see what’s not on that list? What do other people think about…well anything you are doing? Face it. You know. Be honest in your evaluation. You are the boss or your life and you know what suits you best. Do that. #HappyFix #SelfCare