Focus or You May Get Ninjured

Image may contain: textMy reality this morning? I Ninjured myself.

The definition of Ninjury? Cutting your finger/thumb when cleaning super sharp things that are designed to pulverize other things.

I was cleaning up after breakfast and noticed that my Zoodler (I’m a huge fan of the kitchen gadget) wasn’t as clean as I would like it to be so I got to scrubbing it. 

My focus, however, was on the anxiety I was starting to feel about going back to work in a couple of weeks. You know, Sunday for Monday anxiety but two weeks of it.

Most of it centered around the silly thoughts most of us entertain. What if I don’t do a good enough job this year? What if I don’t pass my National Board Renewal (ok, maybe that’s just a teacher thing)? What if things wholly out of my control go kablooey and I get caught in the middle of the maelstrom?

I don’t have a lot of control over most of this stuff. I go to work, do my best and work hard on renewing my Boards. Other than that, the rest is in other people’s hands.

The point is, instead of focusing on what I was doing, I focused on things that aren’t even in my purview for another couple of weeks. I focused on things I can’t really plan for or effect until I get back to work on July 25.

I took my eye off the Zoodler and I paid for it.

Your focus determines your reality. I focused on things that brought me pain that, almost surely will never happen and my reality was physical pain because I was not focused on what was right in front of me.
Today, I will wear a Band-Aid on my boo-boo. It will remind me to stay focused on things that I do have control over and it is that focus that will determine my reality. What will you focus on today? Do yourself a favor. Make it pleasant. Make it attainable. Make it positive. And please, don’t get Ninjured in the process.