Get Grounded

Stacy Menzies Happy FixSo remember how last week I posted that you are NOT a tree and that you can change your circumstances when needed? Today, I’m going in the opposite direction. Sometimes being a tree helps you stay grounded.

Last week was a little stressful. Projects at work. Not enough time to hit the gym (I know, I know) which is a go-to form of self-care. It was just busy and I felt like I was constantly running.

This weekend was about grounding myself. Cleaning the house, cooking, groceries shopping, spending time in the yard. Maybe not the sexiest of weekends but completely and totally necessary.

Home is my sanctuary. It’s where I can go drop all pretenses. There are no expectations except those I put on myself. It is where I have put down roots. It is a place of relaxation. I can sing my lungs out while I sweep and not care who hears it. I can walk around in flannel pants and a ratty t-shirt and know that I won’t end up as an Instagram fail.

Do you have a place where you feel grounded? Where you can be yourself completely and can totally relax? We all need that space. What kinds of things do you do to ground yourself when you feel like things are getting out of control? Things that help you get back in touch with the amazing human being that you are? Fact is, we all need them. This weekend has helped put all of the stressors in perspective so I can get back to the business of life. How about you? What can you do to make sure your needs are being met this week?  Share. Who knows, maybe you can help somebody nurture their inner tree.