Why You Should Go With Your Gut

How many times have you been told to “go with your gut?”  I’ve told my sons that since they were little.  Taking a test?  Go with your gut.  Something sounds to good to be true?  Go with your gut.

I don’t know why I gave them this advice.  I’m sure it was something I heard along the way and passed along. That’s probably the process for most parental advice I’ve given over the years.

It’s hard, sometimes, to follow your gut.  You know, that inner voice that tells you something’s not right even though you really really want it to be.  If you are like me, you second guess or overthink.

Your Gut.  Your Second Brain

Recently I watched a documentary on Amazon called The Gut: Our Second Brain.  Your stomach is equipped with billions of neurotransmitters in it, and is considered your second brain.  Who knew? When you have butterflies in your stomach, those neurotransmitters are firing like crazy.  When you feel pulled in a specific direction, your gut is at work.

Last week, my son received two job offers that seemed too good to be true; something didn’t feel right. On both occasions, he trusted his instincts and did a little research, proving that both “opportunities” were scams, designed to cheat people out of their hard-earned money.  Disappointing?  Yes, but not as disappointed as he would have been had he ignored his intuition.

Practice Trust

It’s hard to follow your intuition, to make decisions on a feeling instead of what is in front of you.  Sometimes you are afraid you will miss out on something spectacular even though logically it makes no sense.  A lot of people doubt their intuition or feel like they don’t really have that second sense.  We all have it and there are ways to cultivate it.  As is anything, practice is the key to improvement.

If you are in a situation with at work or at home and you are trying to make a decision, take time to figure out what your gut is telling you.  Find a quiet space and follow your instincts.  Trust yourself.  Your gut will never steer you wrong.