Be Grateful for Growth and Change

Stacy Menzies Happy FixThe first day of spring! A time of renewal and rebirth. A time of transitioning from winter to summer. A time of blooming and growth.

While I love every season, spring is my favorite. The promise it holds for increased warmth and better weather gives hope for what will be.

For 8 years we lived in Vermont. It’s a beautiful state and we still have friends there but the winters were brutal. It was cold. It was hard to do anything outside. You didn’t see your neighbors out and about which created a feeling of isolation.

When spring hit, I was a different person. The colors were different. You know, not a blank canvas of white with brown accents. Daffodils bloomed. The sun made an appearance.

I wonder, if the winters weren’t so hard, would I have appreciated spring like I do now?

I truly believe we go through seasons in life. They may not mirror the seasons outside of your window but they are there. We go through periods of harsh conditions, like winter. We go through hopeful conditions like spring. We have seasons of growth like summer and seasons of harvesting our hard work like autumn.

The key is recognizing what season you are in and knowing that it won’t last forever. This is a double-edged sword. I don’t know anybody who wants to stay in a season of lack and darkness but there is always something to be learned within it.

For me, I will celebrate the start of spring but know that, as always seasons will change. I will be grateful for each and every season, knowing that one cannot coexist without the other. How will you celebrate this first day of spring? Focusing on the lack of winter or grateful for the growth to come? #HappyFix#SelfCare