Become A Happbassador!Part of the benefit of being a Happbassador (Happiness Ambassador) is internal. A Happbassador is someone like you who’s made a commitment to being positive and to resetting things when your life is not where you want it to be, either in a moment a day or for good. It’s also external in that you model that behavior and that philosophy for those around you. They want what you’ve got. You are a leader in a movement to make the world happier and not get mired down in the day to day negativity that permeates our everyday lives.

Benefits of becoming a Happbassador:

* Free Happy Fix sticker
* “Your Happy Fix” Newsletter
* Be the first to find out about new products and programs
* Exclusive discounts for Happbassadors
* Help us find new products/designs that you love so we can spread it to others
* Be part of a global Happbassador network with the mission of making the world a happier place