Hold on For One More Day

In 1990, Wilson Phillips released a song called “Hold On.”    It was nominated for Song of the Year and was at the top of the Billboard Charts.   More importantly, it encouraged the listener to “Hold on for One More Day.”

Life is full of challenges.  Some tougher than others.  I’ve got friends who are currently dealing with serious illness in their families. Folks have  financial challenges.  Relationships cause stress.  The list goes on and on.

Some days are dark.  You know the ones.  You feel like obstacles keep coming your way and you don’t have the strength to go around, through or over any more.  Yup.  Those days.

What Can I do?

At Happy Fix, we encourage people to find out how to find, well, their Happy Fix.  It may be something temporary.  Meditative time that helps quiet your mind from stress.  Exercise that gets the endorphins flowing and makes you feel super human.  Laughing.  Having coffee with a friend.  Whatever works for you to get you out of that funk.

I find that often times, I really just need to wait it out  (who knew the progeny of the Mamas and the Papas were also pretty smart?).  Usually when I have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong, the next day is much much better.  I don’t know if it’s because compared to the day before, nothing can be as bad or the Universe has taken pity on me.  I just know how it is.

Earlier this week I was having a rough one.  One meeting turned into another meeting where people just met to meet.  I couldn’t seem to get anything finished.  I was worried about a few things at home and could feel the anxiety creeping in.  My Happy Fix du jour, exercise, worked while I was at the gym but once I got home, I could still feel the funk.  And not the good, Earth, Wind and Fire kind. The sad, mad kind.

How Did it Get Better?

The next day, though, the clouds parted and things started falling into place. I got to talk to both of my kiddos.  I got some good news I was hoping for and started to see progress, where I had only seen a dead stop.  The proverbial rain before the rainbow.

The thing to remember is that every day is different.  Just because your Tuesday was terrible, doesn’t mean your Wednesday won’t be wonderful.  The key is to keep moving forward and hold on for one more day.  Has this been your experience?  Feel free to share your story below!