How Do I Know Love Never Fails?

Image may contain: text that says 'Love Never Fails'Not sure what my deal is lately. I’m human and like all humans, my mind wanders when I’ve got time on my hands.
And, being said human, some of those thoughts lead me to sad thoughts or thoughts of places where I’m lacking.
I realize that this isn’t necessarily the best way to start a Happy Fix post but I also believe in being honest.
I was thinking about my boyos and missing them. They both work hard and are in the process of building amazing lives. But I’m a mom and as a mom, I worry.
This morning I was thinking about how much I miss them and in thinking about some of the things on their not so distant paths, wondered to myself if we had equipped them to handle all of the challenges life has. Did we do enough to make sure they have what they need to overcome the obstacles that they will surely meet.
I thought that this whole worry thing would be over when they left the house, got apartments, got jobs, got married, etc. Nope. It was just the beginning.
As I was sitting alone with my thoughts the doorbell rang. When I opened it there were two sweet older women. Jehovah’s Witnesses. At my door, in 90-degree heat. Handing me an invitation to attend a convention.
The name of the convention?
Love Never Fails.
Let me say that again. Love Never Fails.
I don’t know about you but sometimes I think we are sent signs by our Higher Power (I totally believe in a higher power and God is mine, but know that other people have different beliefs). This is one of those times.
The sign I got told me that whatever I do, as long as it is done with love, I can’t fail. Think about that. Anything you attempt to do with love in your heart, cannot fail. Raising children? Cooking a meal? Creating and building a business? Taking care of your health and nutrition? Your job? Do it with love and the guarantee is you cannot fail.
Those women had an impact today and I’m sure they don’t know it. I’m of a different denomination so I won’t be going to this conference but I will keep their flyer as a reminder to have faith. Don’t doubt. And above all, do everything and anything you can with love. Because Love Never Fails.