How to Be Resilient in Rough Times

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and ...On Friday, my husband and (by extension) I joined a club nobody wants to be part of and yet there are currently 22 million members. 13.5% of the American public.

The unemployed.

He got the call at noon. Two of the accounts that he wrote copy for could not pay for the agency’s services any longer and canceled their contracts.

And you know how it goes. Last hired. First fired.

The dark cloud canceled out the sun for about ten minutes. And being a Friday afternoon, it would have been completely acceptable to crawl under the covers and wait until Monday.

Acceptable but for us, completely inadvisable.

So what do you do? You get to work. And your work is shoring up the family finances and looking for a new gig.

My husband is good at this. Before this job, he worked for himself for many years so he’s used to networking and beating the bushes to help others build businesses with his talent. He rarely gets down. He works really hard. And he’s talented. Really talented.

After the initial shock, he dusted himself off, went back upstairs, filed for unemployment, called our bookkeeper, and updated his resume and job sites.

Not a moment went to waste.

This weekend was spent putting our home in order, creating a comfortable environment that we may be stuck in for a while.

And planning. Because you’ve got to face your fears and take action where you can. We planned our meals. We planned finances and saw that things are okay. We can weather this storm like we have many before.

Sometimes you just need to take action. And even if those steps are tiny, they can still move you forward toward your goals. We are lucky. We have two incomes and mine is pretty stable. He has contacts. We have supportive friends and family.

Not everyone is as lucky as we are. We know this and we are grateful for what we have.

As you go on what may appear to be a pathless journey, do not be afraid to take action to make whatever your situation is, better. If you are in pretty good shape and can help somebody with a kind word or support, do that. If you can volunteer to help others, do that too.

And if you find yourself immersed in fear, know it is okay. It is natural. But you can only stay stationary for so long. Eventually, you have to take some sort of action to beat it back. If you run from it, it will overtake you and tackle you from behind. You cannot beat an enemy you cannot see.

But if you turn around, face it and fight it, you win.

Look hard. Figure out what you are afraid of and be brave and confident enough to look it in the eyes. You will see your strong self reflected in that moment and know that you are bigger than any of your fears.

Don’t let doubt and fear win. You are stronger, smarter, and braver than you think. Take the action you need to take and prove it.