How to Build a Life from the Rock Bottom Up

Image may contain: 1 person, textRock bottom.

A rough place to be but a great place to build from.

A solid foundation. No walls. No roof. Just something under you that is keeping you from falling into the abyss.

Nowhere to go but up.

So many people have hit it. This foundation. Wondering how they got there.

They had a choice. Lay down and give up or get back to building.

J.K. Rowling chose the latter, and I’m pretty sure we all know how that worked out for her.

Sometimes, you have to put aside the “How did I get here.” (there will be plenty of time for reflection and planning later) and get right to the “What do I need to build what I want.”

The key is to start building. Take an action a day. Something, anything that will get you off rock bottom and into the penthouse you so richly deserve.

No energy? Not happy with how your body feels? Take a walk. Short or long. Commit to fueling your body with nutrition instead of comforting it with food that may feel good in the moment but doesn’t give you what you need to get you to that healthy place you want to be.

Finances in bad way? Create a simple budget that allows you to see where your money is going. Start a savings account so when emergencies come up you can take care of them without pulling out the plastic. The credit card companies don’t deserve to get your hard-earned cash.

Miserable at work? Shine up that resume, if only to review all you’ve accomplished throughout your work life and see how amazing you are. Or take a look at what you like about what you do and see how you can do more of that.

Lonely? There are so many places that could use your help. Volunteer. My school would not be the same without the volunteers who come without fail every week to spend time with and mentor our kiddos.

Rock bottom is not a destination (unless you are in the Denver Airport after dropping your oldest son off for his first year at the US Air Force Academy and running up a $52 bar tab by yourself–Pre-Happy Fix of course), but we can end up there, sometimes through no fault of our own.

Where you go from there, though is up to you. There is help available as you move forward. You just have to ask and take action.

On this Friday, make a commitment to start building. Build whatever you need to get out of the basement and into the light. Rock bottom is nowhere to set up camp. But it’s a great place to build from.