How to Wait it Out

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor, text that says 'Every storm runs out of rain.'Life is a lot lately.

A lot of worries.

A lot of stress.

A lot of uncertainty.

A lot of dissension.

A lot of disagreements.

A lot of anxiety.

A lot.

None of us have been immune to it. We worry about going out. We worry about staying in.

We are stressed about our physical and mental states. We are stressed about our finances.

We are uncertain about the information being given by just about anyone with a mouth or a keyboard.

We dissent on the best path forward.

We disagree on just about everything.

We are anxious. Boy are we anxious.

Me? Over the past week, I’ve been anxious about the economy, the my health and that of people I love. The safety of my students. Two shootings in a community full of kids you love will do that to you. Our economy and our job sitch. Will schools feel the need librarians or will we be seen as dispensable with the embrace of distance learning?

Will the storm ever cease?

The past week, on top of all of the worry, it has rained. And I don’t mean a gentle pitter-patter. I mean four days of unrelenting torrents coming down sideways. Thunder. Lightning. Shaking dogs. Flooded streets. It has been a deluge.

But today? Sun. A cloud here and there and quite possibly more rain today. But Sun. Glorious, warm your face, bright, golden sun.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the positive when you are blinded by the rain. It’s tempting to succumb. To let it soak through your clothes and your hair and your skin. Because, in the end, it requires nothing of you but to just let it happen.

It’s not healthy. It’s not a long term strategy to get what you need out of life. To embrace it and use it to make the world a better place.

The rain, and with it, the storm will end. Maybe it’s time to come inside, out of the rain, and make plans for that day when the sun comes out. When it bathes you in its warmth and its golden rays. When it’s your time to shine and share your warmth and your light with others.

Because when all this is said and done, we are going to need it.

The storm will eventually run out of rain. And when it does? Look out World. I’ve dried off, made a plan and I’m ready to kick some serious ass. How about you?