How Will You Show Up?

Image may contain: textI haven’t written in a couple of days. I’ve been getting ready to go to an event that includes a lot of women in business in Wilmington.
Trying to anticipate answers to questions. Making sure my website reflects my mission and passion. Setting up forms and other things that will make it easier to connect with people.
It’s exciting and exhilarating. It’s also kind of exhausting.
It’s ironic. The last post I wrote was about showing up and being vulnerable. And here I sit having to do the same thing later today.
It’s hard, putting yourself out there. My thoughts usually go to “What if I don’t communicate effectively and people dismiss me?” or “What if people think my idea is stupid?” or “Who am I to give advice to people when, sometimes, I have trouble taking it myself?
Why? Why do we always go there? To that place? To the Land of Negativity?
How much more confidence would I have in that room if I went in thinking, “Who can I connect with that will help me help others?” or “I can’t wait for people to hear about what I have planned.” or “There will be women here who think as I do. What if we combined our efforts?”
I think, as women, we are trained to downplay what we do and who we are. And honestly, it takes a lot of work to overcome it.
I have a friend who was going into an interview earlier this week. We were talking about it and she minimized some of her experience. Her experience was actually substantial and she would be perfect for the job. But in our conversation, she talked about the one thing she did not have. Not the other 50 things she brought to the table that nobody else did.
We, as women, need to embrace and love the unique gifts, talents and the incredible strength we bring to every situation we are in. Not one of us is alike, nor do we have the same experiences. That means that we all have something to give. Every single one of us.
I’m tired of playing small. I’m tired of seeing other beautiful, competent, talented, strong, unique women playing small.
I’m going to walk into that room today and be my vulnerable self, knowing that I have something to offer that nobody else does. We, as women are not in competition with one another. We are a complement to one another. And together, we will continue to achieve, create and make this world a better place.
Will you show up today? Will you do it even though you feel totally exposed? Will you share what you have even though it’s scary? Even though you don’t know what the outcome will be? If that’s the choice you make, grab my hand. I’ll be right there with you!