If It’s Broke, Fix It

Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor, water and textSince moving to the beach, and getting a little older, I’ve gained a little weight. There it is. It’s natural. I get it. But I find that I’m not where I want to be healthwise. If I eat or drink too much, I feel lousy afterward. If I don’t go to the gym, I don’t have the energy I need to be productive during the day.

So I joined Weight Watchers or WW as it’s known now.

I didn’t want to repeat the same habits that got me to where I currently am and I figured, this would be a good way to get some guidance and support to reach my health goals.

Well, it is when you follow it.

I was feeling good and had dropped some weight. And then. The weekend. Good times with neighbors. Two large pizzas…for two of us. And other consumables that may have felt good in the moment but long term? Not so much.

Here’s the thing. It works. It does if you do what they ask you to do. You can eat and drink what you want. No denial. But you have to track it. You know, be accountable for what you do.

I didn’t. I didn’t want the shame or guilt knowing that these were the kinds of things that got me to where I was in the first place and instead of following the plan, I was making the same decisions that got me in a place where I didn’t want to be.

Here’s the thing, I could have still had a good time with the neighbors but cutting back on what I was drinking or drinking more water. I could have had one slice of pizza and not a whole pie.

Old habits, though are really hard to break and when you are used to doing things in a certain way, you do that because it’s comfortable. But it won’t get you the change you want to see in your life. Doing the same thing gets you the same results. If you are happy with them, keep doing it that way. But if you are not…

We repeat what we don’t repair.

For me, I got back to it. I finished school yesterday and have a lot of control over my schedule. I can now focus on making the repairs needed so that I can live the life I want to live. I’m back to tracking, even when it’s hard and am heading to a Pound Class at the gym (Don’t ask. I have no idea what to expect).

I’m forgiving myself for mistakes, encouraging myself to do better and holding myself accountable so I can get where I want, and ultimately, need to be. What repairs do you need to make in your life? How will you do it? Take it from me. It’s not always easy but as you are fixing what needs to be fixed, you will love yourself for making the investment. #HappyFix#SelfCare #WW #WeightWatchers