If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself….

Image may contain: textIf you were a young adult in the ’90s like I was, you could not have missed the phenomenon of Beverly Hills 90210. The story centered around a pair of twins from Minnesota who moved to Beverly Hills and the wealthy friends with whom they went to West Beverly High School.

I was living in Vermont at the time in a house with no cable and limited channels. Sunny California was a nice escape from the endless winters of Vermont.

The show dealt with a lot of issues that teens, wealthy or not, faced in the ’90s. Drug addiction, sex, relationships, betrayal of friendship. Most of it pretty heavy stuff.

Last night the show was rebooted and aired on Fox. It’s one of the few things on network television that I actually made a plan to watch.

The reboot centers around the actors meeting up for a panel for the show’s 30th Anniversary. The actors played themselves and throughout the show, made references to some of the issues they have had since the show ended. Some were real. Some not.

For the most part, the actors had fun and seemed to have no trouble referring to some of their less stellar moments.

Not gonna lie. I loved it.

It reminded me that sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously. We are unceasingly hard on ourselves. We speak to ourselves and about ourselves in ways that we would never speak to or about anybody else.

We don’t forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. We ruminate on them instead of stopping and restarting.

We give grace to others that we do not give ourselves.

Why? Where does being so hard on ourselves get us?

It gets us demotivated. Depressed. Anxious. It stops any progress we’ve made and sometimes forces us to regress.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Like so many Hollywood properties, you can reboot. You can make a conscious decision to change the way you see yourself and others simply by noticing when you are being hard on yourself, stopping and changing the conversation.

There are so many tools. Putting a hard stop on what you are thinking (literally saying “STOP” when you notice negative thinking) and replacing the thought with something positive about yourself (You are beautiful. You are strong. You are capable.–Whatever you need, you say). Looking at your situation realistically and finding humor. And believe me, there’s always humor if you look for it. There are many things you can do.

Today, take a tip from Betty White, me and my friends from the 90210. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you make a mistake, shrug your shoulders and reboot. And laugh. For the love of all that is holy, laugh. Honestly, it changes everything. If you have a go-to tool, share it below