It’s All in the Way You Look at It

Image may contain: one or more people, cloud, sky, mountain, nature, text and outdoorSeptember 27th was supposed to be the Holy Grail of Teaching. Payday? Check. Jeans Day? Check. Friday? Check. Friday before a two-week break? Cue the sound of squealing brakes.

In schools, when you miss a day because of a natural disaster, you have to make those days up. In fact, cleverly, we call them make-up days.

Honestly, I would have loved to sleep in yesterday and today. Or to be on an exotic vacation. I would have loved to binge watch Beverly Hills 90210 and then spent the evening Beverly Hills 90210 shaming myself. But I got up and went to work.

I could have been irritated that I was there. I mean how much teaching was going to go on? Were kiddos going to show? How about teachers? What was the school board thinking? The make-up days haven’t even been officially approved and here we are making them up already.

But that’s not how I chose to look at it. As I greeted each of my little cherubs yesterday morning, I welcomed them to Bonus Learning Day. Instead of being irritated, I was joyful that I got to spend another two days with them. I wished my colleagues and admin a Happy Bonus Learning Day. We did fun activities in the library (that’s a given–I usually try to do fun things in the library).

Now, y’all, I’m not gonna lie. We are all tired. It’s been a long nine weeks. But going into these two days with a rotten attitude only makes them seem longer.

It’s like that with anything. We don’t have a lot of control over outside forces. There are places in our lives where others make decisions that impact us. We can’t control that.

What we can control are our actions and our attitudes.

Our attitudes and actions create ripples. And those ripples go further and further out, affecting people we don’t even know.

Any interaction I have is going to have a positive or negative effect on others. Why wouldn’t I want to be on the plus side?

If you have something in your world that you don’t like, take a shot at reframing it. Where can you find good in it? What part of this thing can bring you joy if you only look for it? How can you spin this into gold, Rumpelstiltskin?

While I may have been missing one piece of the Holy Grail, it was still a nice weekend and I would have missed out on hugs from some of my favorite littles.

Bonus Learning Day may have just changed how I view those things that I have to do even though I may not be all in. How about you? Something you can’t change? Change the way you look at it and you may be surprised at what you see.