Leave it on the Court

Stacy Menzies Happy FixWe are in the throes of March Madness. In NC, college basketball lies somewhere between religion and warring factions of families. You have to pick a team and you are with that choice for the duration.

Every year, there is a “Cinderella” team. A team that barely made it into the tournament and then completely upends everybody’s brackets. This year is no exception.

How does a team who, statistically, barely makes a tournament, come in and wreak such havoc?

My own opinion? They’ve got nothing to lose so they leave it on the court. They fully realize that every game could be their last, so why not go out in a blaze of glory…or win the tourney?

When our boys were younger, they played sports and one was involved in the arts. Our advice before every event was to leave everything you’ve got on the field (or the stage) and don’t play NOT to lose.

Playing NOT to lose puts you in a position of protecting what you have. You are constantly playing defense. You don’t take risks or chances that could move you forward. You stay in your comfort zone and are always looking over your shoulder to see who is going to take what you have.

Leaving it on the court means that you have nothing left to give. You play offense. You give it your all. You go after every point, every note. You give people an incredible experience and you have no regrets.

When you leave it on the court in life, whatever your passion may be, you give yourself the opportunity to go above and beyond where you think you can go. You put yourself in a position to help others through your actions. You give people a different perspective on how they look at their lives. Plus you get to be you. All of you. Brave, innovative, talented, beautiful you.

Where will you leave it today? On the court? On the stage? At home? At work? Whatever you do, give it everything you’ve got. Show who you are and what you are made of and know that we are all on the sidelines cheering, clapping and screaming our lungs out in honor of your effort and success!