Happy Fix Launches The Buzz Newsletter to Promote Mental, Physical Health Benefits of Positive Living

Happy Fix® is launching The Buzz newsletter to share the mental and physical health benefits of positive living. Each issue of The Buzz includes practical tips, resources, recommendations, exercises, and informational profiles to change negative behaviors and explore new ones to bring yourself happiness.

“Now more than ever societal pressures and an onslaught of negativity are hammering people on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s time we fought back with care and love for our mental and physical well-being,” said Happy Fix Founder and Chief Happbassador Stacy Menzies.

The Buzz is the latest offering in the Happy Fix suite of professionally designed individual and group wellness programming. Courses include 180 Days to Happiness™, Building an Attitude of Gratitude™, Creating Miracles with Your Mindset™, Take this Job and Love It!™, Restoring Resilience™ and the Happy Fix Toolkit™.

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New Zazzle Store Spreading Happiness with Stop Crappy, Spread Happy Merchandise

Happy Fix® has launched a “Stop Crappy, Spread Happy” campaign with the debut of our new storefront on the popular online marketplace Zazzle.

Clothing and accessories bearing the fun new slogan as well as our popular “Happy Feels Good” mantra are now available. These are designed to help remind people to make a conscious effort to choose happiness in their daily lives.

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Personal Wellness Company Giving Prizes for Positive Behavior

Happy Fix® has announced our Leap into Happy Challenge. Participants pledging to use social media in a positive manner throughout the month of November will be automatically registered for a drawing to win a Happy Pack of fun Happy Fix apparel and accessories.

“By simply focusing on making social media a more positive experience, people bring joy to themselves as well as their personal and professional circles of influence like friends, family, and co-workers,” Stacy Menzies, founder and Chief Happbassador said.

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Stacy Menzies Completes UC Berkeley Course on Science of Happiness

Happy Fix® Chief Happbassador Stacy Menzies has successfully completed “The Science of Happiness” taught through UC Berkeley. The eight-week course teaches the ground-breaking science of positive psychology, exploring the roots of a happy and meaningful life and practical strategies for tapping into and nurturing one’s own happiness.

“I’m excited to add what I’ve learned to the individual and group wellness programming we offer to help people reap the mental and physical health benefits of positive living,” Menzies said.

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