No Excuses

Stacy Menzies Happy FixIt’s so easy to make excuses and oftentimes, they are completely legitimate.

On Monday nights, our neighbors play trivia and invite us to go. The last couple of Mondays, we’ve had excuses not to go. We’re tired. We don’t want to spend the money (even though, not to brag, we usually end up winning gift certificates because of our vast useless knowledge )

Last night we decided to go to trivia and spend some time with people we genuinely like. The result? Second place and time spent laughing with our friends.

Daily, we are presented with opportunities. They may be opportunities for self-improvement or connection. They may be opportunities to try something new. They may be opportunities to make a change that will improve your life.

What opportunities will you be presented with today? Small or large, will you break through the excuses and say yes to them? Will you take a chance?

While spending a couple of hours with people is not necessarily life-altering, it was a good opportunity to connect which brings happiness. Today, I’m going to concentrate on maximizing my opportunities and eliminate excuses. How about you? #HappyFix#SelfCare