Not Where You Want to Be? Adjust Your Sails.

Adjust Your Sails" - Aluminum Sign“We are all in the same boat.”

Looking for familiarity and connection, people say this a lot lately and while it is tempting to want this to be true, for some, it doesn’t feel or look like it.

There has been a Facebook post making the rounds. In it, the author discusses how we are not all in the same boat.

For example, Some living in major cities have an intimate association with the pandemic most of us are seeing through a screen.

We are not in the same boat.

While some are working from home, others have lost their livelihoods. And those essential workers we didn’t know were essential until now? They are going to work every day, not entirely sure what they may be bringing home to their families.

We are not in the same boat.

Some children are riding their bikes and going on walks with their families between online classes. Others are trying to figure out where their next meal is coming from and trying to get to the nearest hot spot on public transit so they can access their courses on the school-issued device that they are now responsible for.

We are not in the same boat.

A lot of people started in a pretty decent sailboat, tooling along, and then the wind changed. Maybe the wind moved them into a better spot, but more likely than not, it sent them off course, scrambling to chart a new course to help them avoid the shoals.

We are not in the same boat.

But there’s hope. There’s always hope.

While we may not be in the same boat, we have so many opportunities to put all hands on deck and take care of ourselves and one another.

Friends who have scoured the Internet looking for elastic to make homemade facemasks for those who need them.

Schools like mine who tell teachers that our children need “Love Before Lessons,” setting a priority for the whole child instead of what that child can achieve academically. Honoring the fact that there is a major gap in this country when it comes to resources for our kids.

Churches who call their members just to check in and see if they are okay (we’ve gotten three calls already) and offering whatever their members need to make it through this.

No, we are not in the same boat, but it’s up to each and every one of us to adjust the sails so we can be okay. And not just to make it through. To really take a good hard look at our priorities. What is important to us? What do we need to shift? How can we take care of our own needs? And how do we make this world a better place than it was last fall?

The winds will always shift. Your boat may develop a leak and there’s always that chance of a rogue wave. It’s up to you to make sure that you are healthy enough to turn the sails when you need to, have your safety devices primed and ready and your radio in hand. Because if you need a mayday call, others will hear you and be ready to help. I know it because I see it.

We may not be in the same boat but we can bring others on it. And that’s how we navigate this storm.