Out of the Mouth of G.

Image may contain: sky, text, nature and outdoor“I have more good days than bad,” she said.

This. From a first grade student.

We were at the end of the quarter celebration waiting for the magic show to start when I saw her sitting at the end of the row. I started to make small talk telling her it was great to see her and how happy I was that she was there.

She had a bit of a rough year last year. Just behavior but the behavior got in the way of her learning. Her teacher stuck with all of the kiddos in a class with a lot of challenges, choosing to move with the entire class to first grade.

We all kind of thought she was crazy.

She’d paid her dues. It was time for a break.

But she pressed on. She wanted to see it through. There was more work to do and she did not want to see her class family that had been through so much together, split up.

And it worked. For this beautiful little girl who struggled so much last year to be able to recognize that her good days outnumber her bad days is an amazing achievement. A metric that can’t be measured by a test score. But one that matters in the life of this little one.

The credit? Not important. But if you were to push me on it? Her teacher gets a lot of it.

She has instilled a growth mindset in all of her students. It’s not only okay to make mistakes in her classroom. It’s expected. It’s the way we learn. In fact, our entire school subscribes to that idea. It’s in the pledge we say every morning.

And if you make a mistake? That doesn’t change how much we love you.

Her line leader? The name is “Persistent Pineapple.” Pineapples can be a little sharp and prickly on the outside but are soft and sweet on the inside.

It’s like that in her class.

So today, be like G. Look for good things. Write them down. Set a mini-goal and fulfill it. Make headway on a task you have been putting off. Go to the gym or for a walk in nature. Sit outside and let the sun warm your face. Call someone you love. Write a handwritten note and send it. Make today amazing.

Look for the good in each and every day. Make it the most beautiful day of your life. We have a chance and choice to do that. Every. Single. Day.

It’s a quasi-scientific fact. If we were all Persistent Pineapples we would all have more good days than bad. Just ask G.