Perseverance Wins Championships

Whether you love Tom Brady and the Patriots or you hate them, you’ll have to admit that being down 21 – 3 at halftime in the biggest game of the year is pretty discouraging.

I grew up in New England and lived there for a few years in my adult life.  Since I live in North Carolina now, I’m more of a Panthers fan.  That being the case, I didn’t really have a dog in this fight and was able to watch with an objective eye.

Somehow the Patriots ended up winning this game.  It was the first overtime in the history of the Super Bowl and a fitting end to a rough season.  While I know that a rough season in football is not equal to a rough season in life, it is still something we can learn from.

  1.  Jot it down–One of the things my husband and I noticed was, in the first half, Bill Belichick, the Patriots head coach, was writing down notes.  Notes.  On paper.  With a pencil.  Who does this?  I’m guessing that writing things down helped Belichick see some patterns and some things that needed to be changed.
  2. Stay calm–Belichick remained calm the entire game.  Even when they were 18 points down and everybody, even their fans, were counting them out.  He remained steadfast and that faith in his team was rewarded.
  3. Be willing to revise your plan–I’m not sure what Belichick told his team in the locker room but it worked.  The team that came out the second half was a different team than we saw the first half.
  4. Perseverance always wins–Clearly New England is stacked with talent and while talent can win games, perseverance is more important.  We’ve all seen it happen.  Things start getting dicey.  People count you out.  You give up.  That’s not what happened last night.  It’s a good example for all of us.

While I’m not a huge Patriots fan, I really admire what they did last night.  They showed us all that you can have a rough start to something and still come out on top.  All you need is to remain calm, reflect on what’s going right and wrong, make adjustments and never, ever give up.  Good way to start the week.