Persisting in the Face of Adversity

Image may contain: textSome days it feels like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon.

I’ve watched this week as friends have been met with life-changing challenges. Most of which they have little or no control over.

School has been challenging. We are all tired yet we are all pushing forward. Working ceaselessly. Staying the course but pivoting as needed. I feel like we’ve been playing full-court basketball for eight hours a day since Monday.

Things I want to make happen are not moving as quickly as I would like.

And I ask myself, at what point do I put the teaspoon in the drawer and head for shore?


Until what?

For the things I can control until is when I’m satisfied with the result.

For my students, until is as long as it takes until you can take the training wheels off and ride off under your own power. Because every adult at our school will be beside you as you learn and running behind you cheering as you go on your way.

For my friends who are dealing with health issues involving their kiddos until it is possibly forever. Because that’s what families do.

You know that Leave No Child Behind is not just a testing mandate (teachers can I get an ‘Amen’), it’s a philosophy. In reality, we should try to raise everybody we can up with us. Elevate each other and support one another when things are rough. And this week has been rough.

I will keep trying. I will keep slogging through the mess. I will continue to move toward the light (not the creepy Poltergeist light but the positive results-oriented light). Until. Will you?