At Happy Fix® we know it’s impossible to take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself. Between work and family obligations, you don’t have time to do the things you know you should to make sure you are your healthiest and happiest. How can you get the help and support you need to be the best you you can be?

Happy Fix shows you how to create routines in your life to make you a happier person. We do this through crowdsourced happiness — a unique combination of individual instructional programming and a community of people who encourage and help one another, hosting a free exchange of ideas. With the support of your fellow “Happbassadors” you’ll meet through conference calls and our exclusive Happy Fix Facebook group, you’ll be able to identify and use the techniques and activities that work best for you, building your very own happiness toolkit.

Read on for details about our online and in-person programs.

Tools for A Happy TeacherIndividual Program

Tools for A Happy Teacher

It’s a fact. Teaching is hard. It takes up many of our waking hours and invades our sleep. We prioritize our job over just about everything else and we are burning out in record numbers. Want to make a change? We can do it but we have to get started. How can we make ourselves a priority and still do what needs to get done?

Tools for A Happy Teacher is a scientifically based program with practical, actionable ways for you to change your life for the better. 

This program is designed to meet you where you are in your current circumstances without the need to upend your life to implement happiness-enhancing activities. You’ll be engaged directly on a daily basis with guidance on weekly activities to develop new habits and build a Happy Fix toolkit to create your happiest life. Engaging monthly themes, fun Tangible Tools, and access to supportive fellow participates are some of the elements of this unique experience.

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Group Program

Building an Attitude of Gratitude

What does gratitude have to do with happiness?  Do you have to be grateful for everything that comes into your life?  Even the hard things?

Universally, people who study positive psychology and happiness have proven that those who are grateful for what comes into their lives and what they are exposed to daily, are happier people.  It helps them notice all that is good around you, leaving less room for what is not working.  In addition, with practice, you begin to look good things and point them out to others, sharing happiness.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Find out how daily gratitude is important in creating happiness
  2. Learn about the science behind gratitude and why it matters.
  3. Learn the ins and outs of creating a grateful mindset
  4. Create a daily practice that will help you stay on track in creating gratitude in their lives
  5. Share gratitude with others (writing a thank you note to someone, gift giving)

Session Duration: 30/60/90 minutes

Group Program

Creating Miracles with Your Mindset

Choosing to be happy is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and it starts with your own mindset.  When something bad happens, do you always take it to it’s worst case scenario?  Do you avoid leaving your comfort zone because you believe that your efforts won’t change anything?  Do live by the motto “Always expect the worse, then you’ll never be disappointed?”  What if you switched from that fixed mindset to one devoted to growth, and change for the better?  How would that impact your life?

In this session, Participants will learn:

  1. How growth mindset differs from a fixed mindset
  2. Concrete science based on the work of Carol Dweck on how a fixed mindset impacts productivity, achievement, and happiness
  3. We will explore ways that you can prime our brains for optimum productivity and positive thinking.
  4. Discern whether you have a growth or fixed mindset based on the results of an interactive quiz
  5. Tools to improve and move from a fixed to growth mindset.

Session Duration: 30/60/90 minutes (with option for all or half day events incorporating several sessions)

Group Program

Take this Job and Love It!

A job is something you go to everyday for a paycheck. A career is something you do everyday with the hope of continued advancement. A calling is what we all strive for. You spend one-third of your life at work. Shouldn’t you be called to go in every morning? Isn’t your time worth that?

In this session we explore job crafting and re-framing that can transform the 8 or more hours spent at your job into a calling.

Participants will:

  1. Learn the difference between a job, career and a calling
  2. Review how they spend their day and reframe and transform their job duties into contributions to a greater good.
  3. Create a calling versus a job description
  4. Explore ways to effectively communicate ideas and innovation to managers
  5. Explore crafting your job to become more reflective of your strengths and to give greater opportunities to strengthen areas for improvement.

Session Duration: 60 or 90 minutes (also available as half day workshop)

Group Program

Restoring Resilience

Have you ever met someone who has suffered major hardships but maintained a positive outlook on life?  What’s their secret?  It’s a character trait that we don’t focus on as much as we should but it is vital in keeping your head in the game of life.  It’s resilience.

How do you bounce back from hard stuff? We all have it; at home, at work, everywhere we go. Working together we will examine how people faced with tough times, embrace their collective  experiences and find ways to grow from them. Looking at case studies of real people, we will collectively review what tools they used to create a happy life through adversity.

In this session the participants will:

  1. Review case studies (Q&A ) of people who have suffered hardships but were able to grow from their experiences and put them to use for the benefit of others.
  2. Identify traits of individuals who overcame and grew from their experiences.
  3. Explore and learn how to use tools to help them be more resilient in their everyday lives
  4. Explore ways in which they can help others increase resiliency in their lives

Session Duration: 60-90 minutes

Group Program

Happy Fix Toolkit

This fun interactive program will explore 7 tools that anyone can use to increase happiness in all avenues of their life.  We will touch on the benefits of living a happy life, the science behind it and the research done on each of the tools.  Perfect for a quick lunch an learn or an option for an in-service offered to your employees as an added benefit to working for an organization who cares about their whole well being.

Additional Group Programs

Toxic Teardown — Effective ways to remove negativity from your life

Extreme Mind Makeover — Incorporating several sessions into a half or full day session

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