You’ve seen her. You may even know her. She’s the one whose life looks effortless. She’s got “it”. Everyone gravitates to her. She laughs easily and pulls everyone into her orbit. She. Is. Always. Happy.

What’s her secret? How does she not lose her mind when things don’t go her way? She doesn’t yell, not even in traffic. She doesn’t gossip. She isn’t hateful to WalMart cashiers.

Her secret is simple. She isn’t always happy. Nobody is. Stuff happens. The difference? She has made a conscious effort not to focus on the crappy stuff. And when crappy stuff happens (as it always does), she has devised systems to help her cope and find her way back to a happy state of being. She Stops Crappy and Spreads Happy.

You can do it too. Anyone can. And 180 Days to Happiness makes it fun and easy to make these new habits so you, too can be the one who’s got “it”.

FACT: 40% of your happiness is decided internally by your thoughts and by how you react to external events. That’s right, 40%. Just 10% of your happiness is dependent on external events and 50% on genetics. The other 40% control of your happiness is all up to you.

180 Days to Happiness is a scientifically based program with practical, actionable ways for you to change your life for the better.

The program is designed to meet you where you are in your current circumstances without the need to upend your life to implement happiness-enhancing activities.

How the program works

If you’re ready to stop worrying about the future and start living more in the present, then it’s pretty easy to get on the road toward a happier life:

180 Days to HappinessMONTHLY THEMES
Every month we’ll focus on a specific theme that helps us build and sustain happiness by using scientifically based practices. You’ll receive an email overview of the month’s theme, as well as its connection to increased levels of happiness and the science that backs it up. Monthly themes will include:

Being Mindful
Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude
Authentic Connection
Kindness is Key
Loving and Carying for You
The Mind + Body Connection

180 Days to HappinessWEEKLY ACTIVITIES 
Every week, you’ll receive an instructional email with activities and exercises tailored to achieving goals related to our monthly area of focus. At the end of each week, you’ll be encouraged to reflect on and write about how that week’s activities affected you. Once you’ve completed 180 Days to Happiness, these reflections will provide you with your very own personalized Happiness Owner’s Manual that you can refer back to long after you’ve completed this program.

180 Days to HappinessTANGIBLE TOOLS
Every month, we’ll mail you a Tangible Tool aligned with the theme of the month to add to your Happy Fix Toolkit. Each one is selected and designed to help enhance your experience and serve as a reminder to implement the practices we are working on. They are fun, physical items you can use again and again during 180 Days to Happiness and beyond.

180 Days to HappinessGENTLE REMINDERS 
Throughout the program you will receive daily “Happy Hints” to help you put into practice the weekly activity we are exploring. You get to choose your notification format. Are text messages easier for you to receive and handle? That’s great. Would you rather do things via email? That’s fine too. The messages will be the same, the medium different. The last thing you need in a program focused on helping you live a happier life is stress.

180 Days to HappinessTHE BUDDY SYSTEM 
Research shows that it’s much easier to sustain habit changes when you have support. As such, you will have access to an exclusive Facebook group made up of fellow 180 Days to Happiness participants where you can ask questions and feel supported as we go through this transformation together. You are also encouraged to bring a friend along for the journey. Everything is always easier with a buddy.

Stacy Menzies Happy Fix 180 Days to Happiness MentorReady to stop crappy and spread happy?

This journey will take you out of your comfort zone to a better place. The activities are challenging and purposeful, and we believe the challenge will be worth the reward. My promise to you is that, regardless of which happiness tools work for you, you will find increased levels of happiness at the end of our journey together. I hope you will join us via the form below!

– Stacy Menzies, Happy Fix Chief Happbassador and 180 Days to Happiness Mentor