Putting the Focus on Promise Instead of Problems

Image may contain: textYesterday I deleted some podcasts on my phone. The super intriguing yet worst of humanity podcasts. The puzzles that eventually get solved but not without a lot of heartache and good detective work.

I deleted my Dateline NBC podcasts.

I decided that I wasn’t in a space to listen to them. I needed something to uplift rather than depress. And y’all some of those stories were diabolical and depressing.

I listened to something different with a message that I needed to hear and could use in my everyday life.

The message? Focus on Promise instead of Problems.

The speaker talked about how the more we focus on problems the bigger they become. It was just the message I needed after a tough week last week.

He suggested that we focus on the promise that is all around us.

I took it to mean the hope we wake up with every day. The progress we make moment to moment on those things that matter to us.

Focus on that.

He described a situation where you hold a penny between your fingers. If you get it close enough to your eye and focus only on that, you can block out the sun.

Pretty powerful metaphor.

Starting my day out that way changed the course of it. Looking at it through that lens broke all of the mountains down and made them climbable.

I broke my day into chunks. I got little tasks done during little breaks. I was my kind self, feeling not so out of control and angry about situations I have no ability to fix right now.

I was me. And it felt wonderful.

When I got home, I focused on goals I could make progress on. I read before I went to bed.

During the night I had a dream that I was driving my 2009 Camry up a dirt road. The road was fraught with hazards from large pools of standing water to hills made of sand. I drove through it all, slowly.

When I got to the sandy hill, the car started to slip back. I got out and started to push. At some point, my husband joined me. We pushed up, it slid back a little. We pushed, again and again, it slipped back.

It happened a couple of times until we got to the top of the hill and were surrounded by other mountains. If you’ve ever seen the Blue Ridge at dusk it looked like that.

I looked out and saw a bunch of other climbers on their own mountains. It was a beautiful sight.

I got up this morning with a new sense of purpose and strength, committed to looking at life through its promise and not its problems. I know the climb can be hard sometimes and that I may slip backward but as long as I keep pushing the view will be spectacular! Keep climbing my friends. Promise is there. Maybe you just need a different vantage point.