Reflect and Modify

Stacy Menzies Happy FixToday is the birthday of my favorite person in the world, my husband. I love birthdays. Everybody’s birthdays.

Birthdays, to me, are an amazing time to reflect on the past year and to consider what is to come. It’s a natural break. A free day. A day with no worry. A day full of hope and optimism. A day where you and your existence on this planet are acknowledged and celebrated.

The opportunity is there daily, but on your birthday, you and the people you love, stop and acknowledge that you made it through the year and get to embark on another trip around the sun. Whatever went right last year is celebrated. Whatever didn’t gets wiped off the books.

Reflecting and modifying is all part of this journey. But on your birthday, you are not allowed to beat yourself up or be critical of how you’ve handled the past year. You just move into the next one. You have to. It’s in the birthday rule book. 

Here’s my question. Why is there only one day of the year to do this? Better yet, why isn’t this part of our weekly practice? Celebrating what went right. Considering what we can work on without being hyper-critical or becoming paralyzed with fear?

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be a yearly ritual. It can be daily, weekly or monthly, whatever works for you. Every day, we acquire more and more self-awareness, self-forgiveness and self-confidence. With that, we can create lots of celebratory moments. Every day can be your birthday. It’s up to you.

The cake and the gifts stand at the ready to celebrate the life of an incredible husband, father, and friend. While eating cake every day may not be a habit to get in to, I am entirely down with the rest of the parts of the celebration; the examination, reflection, hope for what’s coming next, and a commitment to making every day a day to celebrate.

So, happy birthday to all, even if it’s not quite “that” day yet! Make the most of it! #HappyFix #SelfCare