Shining Brightly

Image result for shine your light quotesSometimes, I hear a theme so frequently, I feel like it’s a sign that I should write something about it or at the very least, give some thought to it.

The theme this week?  Light.

Okay, if I’m being honest, it started last week when I read an article about “lighting up” when you see your kiddos at school.  The author talked about how you may be the first glimpse of positivity they’ve had in the morning and that it is your duty to start them off on a good note.

I have morning duty in the stairwell.  It’s mostly to make sure our children don’t come careening down the stairs at different intervals but I also look at myself as Chief Happbassador (you know, Ambassador of Happiness) and Starter of Good Days.

For those already having a good day, it’s “Good morning.  Glad you are here.  Hope you have an awesome day.”

But, being in this position for the last few months, I can see if one of my children is having a rough start and will do everything I can to try to give them a quick pep talk to turn the morning around.  It may be a joke, a song that I make up for them.  It may just be a hug or my patented “Shake it Off,” dance right there in the hallway.

It gives me an opportunity to shine some light in the darkness so the kiddos can spread their light too.

As luck would have it, the theme at church this week was also about light.  Our pastor talked about following the light and being light for others.  About not being afraid to shine.

Here’s the thing.  We all have incredibly unique gifts and journeys that we take through life.  I have friends who do things in their professional and personal lives that amaze me.  They are light and they are not shy about sharing it with others.

I also have friends who have amazing talents that they are either afraid to share or when complimented on something, will go to great lengths to tell you why what they did isn’t that great or special.

Instead of just accepting it and saying “Thank you.”  And then sharing more of what they do.

We are all guilty of it.

Your journey, talents, and light are crucial to helping the world become a more wonderful place.  And you are here for a reason.  Light is good.  Sparks that ignite are better.

But friends, I want a full-blown wildfire that burns eternal.

What are your unique talents?  What does the world need from you?  Do you share those talents enthusiastically? When other people notice, do you embrace them or do you hide them?

We need the light that fires us up from within.  Then we need to spread that light to others.  Be brave. Be vulnerable.  Be the light that is so needed in this world today.  And then pour gasoline on it! That’s the way we change the world.