Somewhere in and Around the Rainbow

Image may contain: textYesterday on my way to work, I saw a half of a rainbow coming out of a cloud bank and down to the earth. It was beautiful.

I was happy. It took my breath away a little. As I got closer, it started to fade, but when I looked past the cloud, I realized that it was a full rainbow going through the cloud and arching over my beautiful town.

I was happier. It was such a magnificent way to start my day provided I didn’t get into a wreck watching the rainbow and not the road.

And when I thought my heart was full enough, I realized that there was a rainbow on top of the first one. A double rainbow. And it stayed with me most of the way to work.

I, of course, thought that it was my lucky day. It’s a sign that everything I’ve been worried about would be settled today. My lessons would be awe-inspiring. My practice of librarianship would be celebrated. And I would probably win the lottery.

The morning did not go that way. A screaming child trying to run from adults. Squirrely six-year-olds. Lessons that were at best okie dokie and at worst, a little rushed and boring.

There was no lottery winning for me unless you count the car dealership flyer that told me I won 5 grand. I just had to go to the dealership to get it. I’m sure there was no fine print.

When I got home, I found out that the utility company that services my home, for some unknown reason, removed a utility box from the side of my house leaving several holes and a pretty lousy caulk job in my siding.

I had mistakenly thought that the rainbows were a sign, a panacea of sorts that would remove challenges for me. They weren’t.

But they were kind of like vitamins that bolstered me throughout the day. Their beauty and their promise of good things to come after the storms of life gave me hope. They let me and my husband handle the siding issue in a logical unemotional way. It helped me see the good in the day, taking action when I needed to and being quiet when appropriate.

Rainbows usually happen pretty rarely in my world but lately, I’ve been seeing them everywhere. Now though, I’m not looking at them as a talisman. I’m looking at them for what they are, a symbol of hope. Of good things to come. Of beauty in what can be an ugly world.

I have never seen this full quote by Maya Angelou before but for some reason, yesterday, I lived it. I don’t think I will ever look at rainbows as simplistically as I have in the past. But I will endeavor to be a rainbow to all I come in contact with. Hope, beauty, and the promise of good things ahead. I hope you will too. There are worse things to be when you grow up.