Take A Friend on Your Journey

I had the privilege, yesterday, of attending the WILMA Dash, a 5K held in Wilmington. 1,500 runners. All women.

All of the proceeds from the run went to Going Beyond the Pink, a breast cancer survivorship program based in Wilmington.

There were so many things about this event that were inspirational to me. 

While the runners were women, there was a tremendous amount of diversity in the women who ran. Breast cancer survivors, young girls, women in their 60’s. Serious runners, women running in rainbow wigs and tutus. All there, together for community and a cause.

Some runners ran the 5K in 18 minutes. An 11-year-old was among the top ten to cross the finish line. Some walked it. All finished.

Not one of the people who ran could do much about breast cancer or helping groups of survivors by themselves. But together, they raised a good deal of money. And had fun doing it.

Here’s the takeaway. We can do so much more together than we can by ourselves. While everyone had their individual reasons for participating, the results were the same. Raising funds and awareness for a great cause.

A lot of times we try to go it alone. We are afraid to make ourselves vulnerable by asking for help or putting ourselves out in the open with an idea or with our calling. It’s scary.

But there are people out there who share our concerns and our interests. People who want to help make our communities and our little piece of the world a better place. And they all have different gifts they bring with them. The only way to find like-minded people who can join together to get things done is to talk about what you want to do and do it.

Yesterday was pretty amazing. It was a day of purpose and, consequently, a day of amazing results. Seeing people who have survived life-threatening illness and have gone on to light the way for others, is something I won’t soon forget.

What is important to you? What do you want to do while you are here? Are you willing to find people who can help and support you? Even if it makes you uncomfortable?

Talk about it. Find people who can help you do what you want to do. People who bring things to the table that you don’t have. Remember, you too have gifts. Isn’t it time you put yourself out there and shared those gifts with the world?