Take A Break from Negativity

Stacy Menzies Happy FixMost mornings, after feeding the dogs, I spend 10 minutes or so reading inspirational passages. It always helps to get my day started the right way.

Today, I veered. I saw the iPad sitting there and opened a news app instead.

Rarely is the news good. The job of the networks is to get you to click, view, and react to whatever they are putting out. The more sensational, the more clicks, views…you get the picture.

Your mind is precious real estate. You are the landlord and you get to choose what and who gets in. Why on earth, do we (and we all do it) open our minds to things that can do damage?

With a 24/7 news cycle, talk radio and a multitude of websites that anybody can create, it’s easy to find “information” that confirms what we already believe and only serves to make us sad and angry.

By the time I was half-way through the article, I realized what was happening. It was a situation that, geographically, wasn’t anywhere near me, nor did I have any control over it or the outcome. It didn’t help me start my day out well, nor did it bring me any type of joy or inspiration.

We cut the cable cord a long time ago and haven’t looked back. Personally, I’ve cut way back on what I look at for news. I limit myself to what is local since that’s where I can make an impact.

If the news is not bringing you joy (and I think for most it rarely does) and it’s not something you can have an effect on, turn it off. Pick up a book or find a website that is enriching.

Give your mind the resident it deserves. You know, the positive, uplifting, motivating one that is a pleasure to have a cup of coffee with, pays its rent on time and will get its entire security deposit back because it left your brain better than it was when it entered it! You and your brain deserve that much. #HappyFix #SelfCare