Take the Long Way Home

Sometimes, when I have an event after school, I’ll stay rather than make the trek home and back. There is a great coffee shop within walking distance of the school, so while I’m waiting, I’ll usually head over there grab a book and a cup of coffee.

There’s also a short cut that runs from the back of our building to the back of theirs and around the corner to the shop. It might be a 3-minute walk.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I’d been cooped up and decided to take the long way around the block to the coffee shop instead of the shortcut.

I’m always amazed when you walk somewhere rather than drive. Things fly by so fast, you don’t notice them.

I was completely rewarded for my effort. I got to spend 30 minutes in the sun.

I walked by honeysuckle whose magnificent fragrance reminded me of spending time with my family in our yard at our old house.

I noticed the names on the gravestones of the national cemetery that is next to our school and thought, gratefully, about the sacrifices military members and their families have made to keep this nation safe throughout history.

There’s a drive-through at the coffee shop. I’ve been working at my job for almost two years and never realized it.

I noticed intricate architectural detail on houses I’ve passed hundreds of times but never bothered to look at.

Shortcuts may save time. They could potentially be more efficient. But what are you missing when you take them?

The lessons that need to be learned? The skills that may need to be strengthened? The connections that must be made? Noticing the beauty around you that only heightens your experiences?

Anybody who knows me knows that patience is not one of my strong suits. Once I have something on my brain whether it’s for me or someone I love, I’m usually looking for the quickest way to get there. The problem is, sometimes the quickest, easiest way is not the best way. It’s not the way that is going to bring you joy or help you in the ways that will sustain you through the tough days.

Today, take the long way. Smell the honeysuckle. Notice what’s going on around you. Be present. Be grateful. And know, even if it takes you a little longer to get there, the journey will be absolutely worth it.#HappyFix #SelfCare