Tell Me a Story

Image may contain: text and foodAs a librarian, I love a good story. I love to tell a good story and I love to listen to a good story.

Stories. Sometimes true. Sometimes so utterly false.

Sometimes the hero is victorious. Sometimes the schnook wins out.

I hate the “Schnook Wins” stories.

The schnook. The complainer. The one who points out all of your flaws and then exposes them to the public at large.

The schnook is the character who doesn’t take the time to get to know others. They scratch the surface and think that’s all there is.

The schnook is the one who is more concerned with being right than about the truth.

In the stories of our lives, my friends, we are the schnooks. We are the villains.

In our beautiful brains, we are the storytellers. We are the ones who set the scene. We are the ones who decide where we want to go, what we want to do and what action we are willing to take to get there.

We are also the ones who stop ourselves dead in our tracks.

When I was in school, I told myself a lot of ridiculous stories. I wasn’t as smart as people thought. I wasn’t pretty. I was never really going to do anything of merit.

I’m not sure why I told myself those stories. I had a supportive loving family and friends. Maybe my adolescent mind could not fathom all that was out there waiting for me.

Luckily, I’ve turned that brain story around with a lot of work and know that my best days are yet to come. I have a job that fulfills me. I have an amazing family who I’m so proud to call my own. I know that I can do whatever I make a priority and set my mind to. There are no limits except for the ones I put in front of myself.

How about you? What stories have you been telling yourself? In this story, are you the hero or the villain? Is there a happy ending in the offing? Or are you just going to settle?

All of our efforts in life deserve Hollywood endings. Stop telling yourself stories that don’t serve you. Because, honestly, the world needs as many heroes as it can get. Join the ranks. Change the story and know that we are all so very eager to hear it!