The Boringness of Boredom

Image may contain: textIt’s been three days. Three days of vacation and I’m bored.

The first day was spent making phone calls that went unreturned and an insurance claim that gave me more questions than answers.

Yesterday was amazing. Kayaking in the sound to an island that was created by shells. We informally dubbed it Crab Pot Island. Because there was a crab pot on it and we weren’t feeling that clever.

Today? Not sure what I’m going to do with my day. But I do know that I do not want to spend it going down the Facebook and news cycle rabbit holes.

Making something beautiful or to discover something that’s true. That sounds like a laudable goal for the remainder of my vacation. But how?

Well, I’m going to make a list of all of the things that I could do and pick from that.

Practice guitar. Clean the house. Go to the grocery store so I can make something delicious and nutritions for meals this week. Go to the gym. Work on next steps for Happy Fix. Organize my closet. Work on lesson plans. Sit in the sun and be present. Hit the beach and do the same. Read a book. Reconnect with somebody I love.

I find, sometimes, when I’m bored. I take the easy road. A Netflix binge. Screen time that doesn’t move me forward. Eating and drinking when I don’t really need it.

It’s easy to get caught in that trap because what you are doing is extraordinarily passive. There’s no healthy end game.

And let’s be honest. Somedays, it’s not easy to channel your effort into something that requires work. That’s why we call it work.

But there is a payoff that doesn’t include blurry eyes and more padding around the middle.

The payoff is health. Confidence. Learning about yourself. Happiness in creating something that did not exist before.

Yesterday my husband and I got out in the sun. We got a ton of exercise. Experienced God’s grace in a way that others don’t necessarily get to. My husband fed the fish. Some would call it fishing.

I’m going to put yesterday in the “Discover something that’s true” bucket.

When you are doing things to “kill time” or to fill a void, you are probably bored. And it’s boring being bored.

There’s so much more that you can do for yourself and to share your gifts with others. Do that instead. Make list. Pick something off of it. And do that thing.

I don’t know what my activities today will bring but I do know that I will not allow myself to get bored. Not today. I don’t want to leave anything on the table. There is too much beauty and truth out there to be made and to discover. That. That is the thing I will do today.